Development of an Adventure Sleep concept for the Archipelago Sea

The Archipelago Sea is one of the World’s big wonders that is yet to become as popular as Helsinki or Lapland when it comes to planning a visit to Finland. The objective of this work was to evaluate and conceptualize a new accommodation offer in the direction of an Ad-venture Sleep by analysing successful businesses in Switzerland.
This Bachelor Thesis includes an Adventure Sleep concept development for the destina-tion Archipelago Sea in Finland. The key elements of a successful Adventure Sleep con-cept were identified, described and discussed.
In order to create an Adventure Sleep concept and to answer the research questions, a lit-erature research and two expert interviews were carried out. Moreover, the opinions of the various interested parties, experts and authors have been considered.
According to the results, an appropriate offer idea for the Adventure Sleep concept in Ar-chipelago Sea consists of Tiny Houses and Tipis, which both offer a unique experience with a high-standard quality of service. Inquisitive, adventurous and nature-oriented guests are to be considered as the main target group for this concept. The most important collabo-rations include local municipality, VisitFinland and local hosts, willing to provide tourists with a unique sleeping experience.
Based on the literature research and the analysis of the interview results, it was found that there is a growing interest in a nature-oriented way of travelling and extravagant and unique accommodation options are playing a huge role in the process of chosing a travel destination among tourists. The market of an Adventure Sleep is yet to be formed, therefore a development of the offers in the Archipelago Sea must be carried out in order to fill this gap and increase a brand-awareness of Finland and Archipelago Sea, in particular, as an Adventure Sleep destination.

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