The Essential Power of Culture: Museums and the Archipelago Trail in the Southwest Finland Archipelago

The economic value of various symbols in culture will increase as a result of the process of the globalization of our time, as many researchers have noticed. Accordingly, culture and cultural heritage as symbols of localities are considered resources in cultural and regional politics in the European Union. The aim of using them as instruments is to develop local economic activities and well-being (see, for example, Wilenius 2004: 22-29; Shore 2000: 42-54). Both earlier industrialization and the globalization of our own time have brought significant structural and cultural changes to the Southwest Finland Archipelago (Andersson 1998; Vainio 1981). Thus, there is a need for local development in the area. In practice this need is realized, for instance, in the development projects where local culture is instrumentally used in different ways in the Archipelago area.

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