Hållbar turismutveckling i Stockholm skärgård: En kvalitativ studie om hållbart utvecklingsarbete i Dalarö och Gålö

The aim of this study was to examine sustainable development work in the archipelago. More precisely the archipelago in Stockholm and in the municipality of Haninge. The study also aims to understand how different businesses work with sustainable development within the company. If there is a difference in sustainable development work between different geographical areas the authors aim to find the differences. In this case the geographical areas we are speaking of are the different islands that the archipelago consists of. Because of the Covid-19 breakout we have also decided to include another angle. This angle is an aim to reach an understanding of the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on sustainable development in the archipelago and the companies who have business there. The material this study is based on is several interviews with companies and observation studies. The material was collected during the spring semester of 2020. The result of the study shows some support for the theoretical frame that was set for this study but also shed some light on a need for more similar studies in the future because of the small sample of the study. This would result in a better ability to generalize to the rest of the tourism industry in Haninge archipelago. The study shows that the companies work actively with sustainable development and that this work looks different for every company. The results also show that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the sustainable development work. The study did however have some problematic areas. The sample size and number of businesses from different islands was not very big and it would have been interesting to see more viewpoints.

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