Drawing up a Development Plan for Archipelago Travelling

The purpose of this functional study is to produce a development plan for archipelago travel for Espoon Matkailu Oy (Visit Espoo). The objective of the study is to benchmark leisure time service concepts related to travelling in the Turku archipelago from the perspective of individual travel. More specifically, the study aims to highlight products related to Turku archipelago travel displayed by different marketing communications media.

The Turku archipelago, located in the south-west of Finland, is one of the world’s largest archipelagos in terms of the number of islands. The unique destination is easy to reach and offers great possibilities for people of all ages for various activities and relaxation in the midst of nature.

The Espoo archipelago is in need of reform to expand its number of travellers. The results of the study will be used to develop the services of the Espoo archipelago travelling area. The study aims to provide ideas for increasing the number of travelling business entrepreneurs in the Espoo archipelago in order to invite more travellers to choose the Espoo archipelago over the Turku archipelago in the future.

The study’s theoretical framework is built around the theory of travelling. Thereafter the current state of Visit Espoo is introduced. Benchmarking, SWOT analysis and conceptualisation are used as the bases for innovation and processed in terms of theory and practice. Conclusions and discussion are located at the end of the thesis. An evaluation of the study’s findings by the commissioner, Visit Espoo, is included.

The study established a development idea of a service entity designed for recreational use for Chinese travellers in the Espoo archipelago. This service entity offers service packages which can be fully customised according to customer needs and interests. All the results provide material for Visit Espoo and the Espoo archipelago as a travelling area.

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