Besöksnäringens stabilitet och sårbarhet i Stockholms stad: En kvalitativ studie om Stockholms stads besöksnäring

The tourism sector in Stockholms city, Sweden, is a dynamic industry that through the years has generated large revenues and job openings. Unpredictable events such as terrorism, pandemics, natural disasters and climate changes, may have great imapct on the tourism sector. This may be true to most cities in the world including Stockholm. in this thesis, the effect of various unpredictable events has been investigated through interviews with city of Stockholm and the authority for community protection and preparedness. In use of strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT-analys). The main conclusion of this thesis is that the Covid-19 pandemic (year 2020) has shown that the emergency preparations for unpredictable events are incorrectly dimensiond. This means that the city of Stockholm needs to work more proactively in the future to ensure that the tourism sector is not jeopardized during upcoming unpredictable events. 

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